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Unread 04-04-2011, 11:33 AM
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Default Hydrogen HHO Injection for way better fuel economy

So I've always been keen to the idea of injecting hydrogen into you auto engine for a more efficient running engine. A lot of people do this in Australia and in New Zealand so I've always wanted to make one of these kits. It doesn't look much more difficult than building your high school science project. Then I recently came across a website called which produced a whole kit that they say is easily installed in 2hrs or less.
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Unread 04-04-2011, 11:35 AM
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This whole system seems pretty basic and I'm sure it works. It's basic science and you can google all around the internet and you will find success story after success story about the HHO injection process. There are a lot of FAQS on their website and because I know all you Googler's and readers don't have much time I'll reproduce them here below:


1. How often do I have to add water to the system?
Each vehicle is a little different, but on the average you should have to add about 1 or 2
cups of distilled water about every 1000 miles to keep the water tank topped off.

2. How much of a M.P.G. increase can I expect?
Our average increase is around 25% to 45% and some people enjoy up to 60%, depending
on your vehicle and driving habits. This includes both city and highway driving conditions.
Every situation is different.

3. Will this Void my cars warranty?
No, it will not. Conditions that may void a vehicle's warranty are specified in a federal law
called "the Moss-Magnusson Act" which stipulates that dealers cannot void a warranty
because vehicles have aftermarket parts. If a dealer could prove that a particular aftermarket
part caused a particular failure, then they could disallow the claim for that issue only.

For example, if your engine were to fail, the dealer could not refuse to fix it because the
vehicle has aftermarket wheels. However, if your engine had been modified, then, they may
have a case and may try to deny the claim. We don't modify engines in any way.

4. Is using Hydrogen Technology Dangerous?
Our products run on a Hydrogen-On-Demand system and require no hydrogen storage
tanks, which means no risk of explosion in case of an accident. Hydrogen is also less
flammable than gasoline. Gasoline can ignite at 442 degrees Fahrenheit, hydrogen won't
ignite until 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also far better for the environment, and
perfectly safe for you and your passengers.

5. Does your product work on Diesel Engines?
On average, diesel vehicles produce 40% to 50% better mileage when using our product.
You will get specific diagrams and instructions when you order your Hydrogen System. Our
product will work with any type of fuel or fuel delivery system.

6. How will this affect my engine Performance?
You will notice a big difference in engine performance. Running Hydrogen gas through your
engine is the equivalent in running 140 octane fuel. Our Hydrogen Cell will help not only
eliminate carbon deposits caused by unburned gasoline but will actually steam-clean your
engine. Even in the first few days you will notice your engine becoming smoother
and quieter. The hydrogen vapour changes the combustion cycle into a more even or
"round" cycle.

This happens immediately upon installation, and from that moment, your
engine will work more efficiently. The effect is not only less noise, it's also less vibration,
resulting in reduced strain on the transmission (thus smoother gear shifts), cleaner pistons
and valves, and generally better engine operation.

7. Can the Hydrogen system still work in freezing temperatures?
Our Hydrogen on Demand System is designed to operate in all weather conditions, and has
a very low freezing point. Our winter solution mix will protect the unit from freezing in
temperatures as low as -11F or -24C. Colder temperatures require an insulation wrap
around the unit for added protection.

9. How difficult is the installation of the unit? Can I install it myself ?
Our Hydrogen on Demand system is quite simple to install. With our complete easy to follow
set of installation instructions that are included with your kit, the installation process should
take about 2 hours. If you run into any problems you can simply call our full time installation
support line and we will be happy to assist you. Installation of the system to your vehicle can
also be easily done by any good mechanic.
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