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Unread 07-04-2010, 07:15 PM
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Default Removing Wheel Bearings From The Honda CA95 or CA160 Wheel Hub

Explained below is a quick and inexpensive method of removing the wheel bearings from the Honda CA95 & CA160 wheel hubs. This method can also be used to remove wheel bearings from a blind hub on most any application.
Below for example is the front wheel from my 1968 Honda CA160.

From your local hardware store, purchase a 3/8" concrete anchor as below

Place the anchor in the bearing bore

Secure the anchor with pliers and begin to tighten the nut to expand the anchor in the bearing bore. Snug to tight. No need to overtighten.

Place a sutable drift pin or the axle through the axle bore on the other side of the hub

Lightly tap with hammer

Until the bearing is removed

Remove the axle sleeve

On the front wheel of the CA model Honda remove the speedometer drive that is mounted on the hub. For the rear wheel or models without a fixed componant in the hub, just repeat the steps above

To drive out the opposite bearing in the hub, use a suitable drift pin or homemade brass tool like mine.

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