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Default Dodge Diesel Info

I just turned 350,000 miles on my Dodge 2500 6.9L diesel so I can't help think about doing some maintenance on her to celebrate.

Just reading up on Cummins 6BT diesel tech while figuring out what I should do with my truck next. A lot of people have suggested filing down the fuel plate for easy power. I'm thinking the fuel plate mod and some new injectors would be a good step in reliability and performance. I have to assume that injectors aren't as efficient as they once were and new ones aren't too much money. I'll be looking around for fuel plate templates to modify mine as well as a good deal on some new injectors. I'm going against larger injectors for the moment as I need to research into the capabilities of the stock size units. Diesel Power Magazine also has a GREAT section on zero-dollar mods for the 6BT project trucks they are working on so I'll be following what they have suggested as well. I'll be listing different mods here that I have done and also ones I want to do with some comments and my thoughts.

To start here is my inspiration and also a very good source of information on anything diesel. Diesel Power Magazine's Tech Section rocks.
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