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Default Aprilia Mille Sputtering and Hesitation

A few months ago my bike started sputtering pretty badly. The Rotax engine started hesitating more and more and was driving my crazy. If I applied the throttle the acceleration was just fine. But when I would re-apply the throttle or just try to hold a steady rpm then the engine would cut out like one of the coils was going bad or it was out of fuel.

I inspected all the electrical connections starting with the connections on each of the coils. This solved my friends similar problems with his Ducati Monster 620. This was not my problem.

I always use Chevron Premium fuel and I ride all the time so it wasn't bad gas. I had just replaced the spark plugs and it ran fine for a few hundred miles so before I started having problems so that wasn't it. I did notice that one of the battery cable connections was not as tight so I went ahead and put small locking nuts on the bolts. This didn't help.
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