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Unread 11-14-2006, 11:24 PM
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My tips for not getting stuck:
#1 AIR DOWN!! I run 15psi front and 10 rear in the sand and a little more on hardpack. I have NEVER popped a bead and sliding the rear end out is my favorite thing to do. Note: get thick sidewall mud terrains first. I run the BFG and have never hurt my rims against curbs or anything.

Momentum is KEY. Keep your speed up if you want to get up that hill or through the mud/sand. If you are 2wd go around it if you can. If not just hammer it and if you are moving don't let off the gas =] I have seen people give up even though they could have made it.

And if you are 2wd try and wheel with some friends. Like Mike said bring an old crappy shovel and a tow strap (chain is better IMO cause they rarely break). NOthing is worse than pulling up to help someone who is stuck and they haven't aired down at all and they don't have a tow strap or anything! Shovels are awesome. Using bare hands to dig gets old, trust me.

I broke my front differential in my older 92 4wd and ran 2wd for a year and a half. I learned a lot about the trucks capabilities because I did everything I would do in 4wd... just faster with more momentum.

Good Luck.
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