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1UZ-FE Tuning and Mods Adaptronic, porting, air intake and more.

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Unread 11-14-2006, 11:32 PM
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Get an intake and some headers but don't use a straight through muffler or a big catalytic converter or else your idle will not exist. I use the LC Engineering headers and they are the best quality ones I've seen to date. I beat on mine pretty hard in mud / offroad and they have been absolutely perfect and I never even bothered to re-torque the header flange bolts =] I've put on three different mufflers but eventually went back to a 3 chamber flowmaster because the other POS brand name "stainless" one rusted and fell right off. The Flowmaster will last the longest in Hawaii as well since I hear corrosion is a big problem over there.

Also I have an electric radiator fan and the engine doesn't ever need it unless I go offroad and that's because I just hold the gas pedal floored most of the time in the sand. The fan is worth the money and I bought one for $75. You don't need to buy some dual fan Toyota specific kit for $200+. Don't buy expensive wires. The Toy ones are very very good. I wouldn't dream of buying a throttle body spacer as they are a waste of money for your engine. If you don't open up the engine and just do these mods the thing will never die. OH and use a synthetic oil like Mobile 1 (my choice) or Castrol Syntec and a regular Fram (for example) oil filter.

These mods will make your idle and initial throttle a little or very rough so I highly recommend an air fuel ratio calibrator. People say they are a must and do a great job of smoothing out the engine once these mods are done. I would only buy the URD one.

I haven't bought one since I'm swapping my engine out soon. I wish I knew about this item a long time ago though. This is all I have done to mine and my engine is bulletproof. I have tried to hurt it but it always runs perfect. I just hold the throttle pinned and fan the clutch and it just keeps on going. The stock Toy clutches are VERY good in my opinion and I abuse mine constantly with no fear. I've had my truck for years and have only replaced the clutch and flywheel once! Tacomas are amazing.
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