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About my Mille: I bought mine not long ago for $4,000 w/19K and some nice mods. It needed tires but not much else. The guy was not too happy that no one would pony up more than that but he had to sell it. I'm in the process of putting the Ohlins and other stuff on it and it's costing me more than an R model would have been in the first place... BUT it's near flawless and it has with the Ti exhaust, chip and other stuff that makes it worth it in the end.

I saw an awesome condition 02 Mille R sell for $4,600 on Ebay the day before I went and bought mine. I was shocked (sold for so low cause it was yellow maybe?). Of course this was right during the holidays but now the economy is looking worse and people are taking notice. New or used, selling bikes is going to get harder. A friend of mine works for a financing corporation and he knows the numbers. Bike sales are in the crapper big time. Around here in CA you can get a brand new liter bike for 80% of the regular price now. This is no joke. Dealerships desperately NEED to get rid of their inventory, even at a loss.

As for the 02 or 03 Mille RSV - If it's in very good condition you should easily get $5,500 for it. More $ is pushing it I think. Selling any twin takes a long time of course so you'll have to hang in there while advertising it. If you had the R model I would part it but the RSV you should sell as a whole IMO. Like I said, it's a lot of work parting stuff out.
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