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That sure is a cool bike. Like you said, maybe not valuable, but cool nonetheless.

Just like you, I have too many projects going and no documentation of the progress. I am horrible at taking pictures. I have to start concentrating on completing one project at a time vs picking at all of them.

I currently have a 1966 CA160 that I have been picking at for the past few years, the engine is all buttoned up ready to go, the frame and body parts are all painted, in the process of re-lacing the wheels and still have to polish various pieces (I hate polishing more than anything). I only need 2 pieces that I have not been able to locate. The rear adapter piece on the carb that the air filter attaches to and the neutral light that goes in the top of the head light.

I am also working on a 1968 Honda SS 125A, the motor was stuck, cause was a rusted stuck shift fork drum. Took forever to get all the surface rust off all the engine internals. Repainted everything. Just got thye cylinders to the machine shop for it's second rebore. The first shop butchered the bore. It was a second over to clean up the rust pits in the cylinders. Got it back and the pistons were flopping. The end gap on the rings was 24 thousenths. Way bad. 3rd over pistons fit loosely so I had to get 4th over. Piss me off.

I also have a 1966 Honda CA100 50cc I am working on. Plus a few other non Honda bikes.

Wish I could find more CA's, when they show up around here, people want a gazillion $ for them.

Looking forward to seeing some of your projects come to fruition here. Hopefully I can post some of my work also.
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