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Now would I buy these tires again? Well yeah I think I would have to since they make the exact tire size I want for these wheels. Hankook makes an awesome tire for the money but if I have to get some quality tires it's either going to be BFG or Goodyear. And the Goodyears are made in the USA which makes you feel better since they cost so much. That's another question I get. I got them for 1200 for the set after tax and put them on myself.

And then I saw my friend just went to WalMart and bought some Goodyear Wrangler Authority tires. Man I didn't know what to think because he got them SO cheap and they look pretty awesome. They don't make them in my size but if they did I would have bought them in a heartbeat. You can't beat these tires for the money... no way. Check out some picks and chatter on the Ih8mud forum. And if you want to see a LOT of pictures of them go to Google and use their image lookup search or just click here and this link will take you there.

You can thank me later. I'll be putting them to the test more in the future for sure so I'll be posting more here when I get to that point. For now I can't think of a better tire for me than the Goodyear Kevlar Silent Armors... they aren't full race or super mud crawling tires but honestly this truck will be on the road much more than the trail. I'll be keeping my rims with the muds on them for that dirty stuff and I have some paddles here on permanent load so it's all good.

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