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Default Kowa T-Handle Wrenches

I have had a set of Kowa t-handle wrenches all my life. My dad bought them who-knows-when and he left them to me to use. I have a full set of 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm and 17mm. I even have the matching phillips small and large t-handle spinners that are some of my most used tools. I always took them for granted until I accidentally left one in a friends tool box and when I went to go get it back he could not recall where it went. This was over 10 years ago and it's bugged me ever since.

Fast forward to now. I actually found a set for sale 20 miles away from me. I couldn't believe it. I picked them up yesterday as well as some Motion Pro long tire irons. The tire irons made me laugh since I just ordered and received a pair of Motion Pro tire spoons last week. Well now I got a pair of the long ones which is nice. I can't believe I found another set of the very hard to find t-handles. I have NEVER seen another set of Kowa brand tools of any kind in my life. If anyone ever wants some of the nicest t-handles wrenches keep your eyes peeled for some.

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