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Well basically my dad acquired this bike when I was a young lad. He never really talked about it much. He just showed up with it one day. It had a couple small dents in the fenders and they had a really old metallic gold lacquer paint job. The frame was black but it appeared to be completely stock. The miles are under 6,000 and I actually started it up when I was in high school. It runs great but the electric started made a bad noise. I took it apart and put the parts in a glass jar and covered it up.

I've had a few cars, trucks and motorcycles since then so I really didn't pay the ol Superhawk any attention until now. Well actually before our family moved from our old property I made sure that I stripped it down real quick and painted it. I did a silver and blue paint job on this bike when I was just out of high school. We had a nice shop at my old house so I took advantage of it and did a light restoration on this bike and since it was all original it didn't cost me anything.

I do remember that this bike had great compression and was fast. I can't wait to do a little work on it this summer and get it going again!
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