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Time to update this thread a little bit here so everyone can check out how things worked out with these Lazerstar lights. They install quick and once you just put some low amperage volts to them they light right up without a problem. They are so power friendly that along is a reason for using them. They won't drain your power system hardly at all and you don't even need more than a 10amp fuse to power them.

Anyhow here are a couple picks of me installing them on my Tacoma. I started out by throwing the lightbar on the bench so I could start dreaming up a mounting system. As long as you have something to bolt them to then you're in business. I wanted an easier removable bar to mount them on.

The clamps that hold them work really well and slide back and forth along the length of the lightbar. Once you tighten them they don't move at all, no chance.

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