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Default Installing LED Lightbar on top of my Tacoma

I went ahead and bought one of the LED lightbars from Lazerstar not too long ago. I couldn't resist! I needed some light on my truck and it was going to cost me $500 anyways so I might as well throw a little more fuel on the fire and grab one of those big lightbars so I can REALLY see at night. My offroading at night doesn't consist of covering desert race courses at 100+ mph so a nice LED light bar will do just what I need it to do. The middle of the light bar consists of more focuses lenses over the LED's and on each side of those are LED's that use lenses that diffuse the light more like a fog light.

I'll post up more and more pictures as I take them. But for now here are the pictures of the light bar itself when I unboxed the Lazer Star LED bar.

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