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Thanks Smithers,
Actually, I have not begun that repair. I actually forgot about the post as well, but will heed your valued advice. I have one of those other type of cylinder hones and will have to use it.
It has three or four 'prongs' that have stones on them. I re-honed my motorcycle, and never got those 60 degree "X" pattern marks right. I could not pull out the hone from the cylinder fast enough with out damaging the hone. I am talikng about the up and down motion during the honing process.
Once it snapped out of the cylinder and threw the stones out (they were glued on by somebody). Next, they flew across the garage and broke. I got replacement ones. Do you have any advice for using this type of honer? I was advised by someone to take off as little as possible of the cylinder, and arrange the rings in a 8,12,4 o'clock pattern and to install them correctly. That is not upside down, and in the correct order. If done so I was told that the engine smoking problem would be solved?

Let me know and thank you sir.
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