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Here are a few more pics just to show some more things that need attention in the upcoming KTM 540 build. The original sprockets are definitely showing some fatigue but hey it's a 60+ hp engine. It's just amazing that it still has only the original sprockets and chain. This bike has hardly been used.

Then upon further inspection the rear rim has a couple cracks in it but reading on other forums this is totally expected. Apparently the rims produced for KTM were not high quality so they are ticking time bombs. The cracks so far are really small so they will work for a little while. I have another set ready for when these give out but for now I like the original look so I'm running them.

It takes some serious horsepower to pull those sprocket teeth over so hard. The factory 540 countershaft sprocket on the left. To the right is the lightly used replacement I had ready to install next.

Slight cracks in a couple areas. I'm just lucky the rims aren't all bent up and completely ruined. If the bike had been used more than 20 hours they would have been. With the power of this engine I would fully expect these rims to be ruined by now. I got lucky with this very lightly used KTM 540.

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