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How about using Synthetic Blends?

Racing teams use super lightweight oils but they change the oil all the time. There is power to be had from racing oils but that's only a must if your skills dictate that you will benefit from such a method of gaining power. Synthetics don't break down as quickly so going the blend route is kinda defeating the point of gaining the benefit from synthetic. They made the blends for one reason only... because people see synthetic on a label along with a lower price and jump on it. Don't get tricked into the marketing of blends. I run synthetics because I ring my engine for all it's worth from time to time using that rev limiter and I want it to last as long as possible before I have to rebuild it.

If you just ride normal then normal oil will work without a doubt. If I had a new bike and it told me to use one type of oil then I would use that oil for warranty reasons.

Did anyone see those ads in which Valvoline was slamming Mobil 1? I was laughing pretty hard but they are sticking to the claims of 4 times better protection.

I've heard SynPower offers four times better wear protection than Mobil 1. Can you prove it?

Yes. Valvoline and an independent lab conducted multiple Sequence IVA (Four A) Engine tests on Valvoline SynPower 5w30 and Mobil 1 5w30. The Sequence IVA is the industry standard test for determining wear performance of an engine oil and is required to meet the API SL and SM requirements. The test utilizes a 2.4 liter EFI overhead cam Nissan engine with a slider valve train design. Multiple tests were run at the Valvoline Engine Laboratory, a fully certified engine testing lab - and an independent research lab. Analysis of the test results showed that the Valvoline SynPower provided four times better wear protection than Mobil 1.
Taken from their site:

More Facts/Myths from them:
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