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Once the oil slows to a drip put the plug back in and TIGHTEN IT. Do not put the oil plug in with your hand and continue on with your work as most everyone will forget to come back to tighten the plug! Never put a plug back in an engine without tightening it fully . Now slide your pan over to the oil filter cover and remove the bolts. The cover should pop loose pretty easily and a small amount of oil will come out. You will probably have to wiggle the filter loose with something to get the rubber seal inside to come loose and let the filter drop out.

6mm ready for the drain bolt:

Here is what mine looked like... a little dirty from a little oil that was leaking from the oil filter cover ring that was reused the last couple of oil changes. Just order a couple new ones so you have them when you are ready to change your oil. They are a couple bucks but your engine costs much more.

The smaller 5mm for the filter cover allen bolts:

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