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Default Always wanted one of these A4 Quattros

So here we go... another project. And a project it is. This particular car has some issues with it which is how I came in possession of it. What else would you expect? I get all the jems that other people give up on and for good reason too! This A4 has some wiring issues which is my specialty. For the most part this Audi is in great shape and everyone that sees it asks me if I'm going to sell it. No way.

It doesn't actually run well enough to pass smog just yet. It runs in limp mode which floods the engine with fuel. DO NOT drive this car or any other car in limp mode where the engine just goes to a fail safe mode where it just pumps fuel into the engine to keep it from leaning out so bad that the engine has a catastrophic failure. What happens sometimes is that people keep driving these cars with the super rich fuel mixture not fully combusting. The unburned fuel will then dirty up the catalytic converters and damage them enough that you will have to replace them. $$$$ Not good. Just park the car until you can take care of it so it won't get any worse.

I would like to drive this car someday even.

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