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Default Engine Paint Report-Eastwood Ceramic 2-Part

The CA95 engine cases were bead blasted and washed 4 times. The engine cases were painted under a bright light, 35lbs air pressure using a mini HPLV spray gun.

Below is a before shot of one part


I am also saving the mufflers until a better pair is found. The mufflers were also bead blasted. They were patched with heavy application fiberglass resin with a JB Weld coating. The paint adhered well. The mufflers are a work in progress. They will get a final coat after feathering the patch. Then shiny silver header paint.

The paint was thinned 1/3 with fast reducer. It applied very nice and one moderate coat is all I needed. I am very pleased.

I have painted an inner chain guard from a CA160 as a sacrificial part. After a week I will subject it to gasolene to check its durability.

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