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I tried a product called Ranger whitewall paint and it didn't work .Poor adhesion to the rubber . Took me almost 3 hours to remove , scrape off the latex paint from the sidewalls . I also sent a pair of tires to a company in South Carolina that molds whitewalls to car tires but the little 300 x 16 tires were too small to fit the moulding press they had .
Also tried portawalls from Moon Equipment but they would pucker and not lay flat against the tire sidewall .
At that point I decided that blackwall tires looked really good on the bike !
Coker finally made a run of whitewalls of which I purchased 3 sets but I still have the blackwalls on my blue custom CA95 .
Kinda like my efforts to adapt a modern Mikuni carb to the ca95 engine , a lot of trial and error and no result .

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