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Default It Lives!

After a winter of frantic teardown, a spring of frantic learning I can't paint, three long years being ignored in the back of the garage, then a couple months recovering from a Motorcycle accident and unemployment (which thankfully looks like it's coming to an end.)

The Benly lives again.

IMG_0575 by Corvette Mike, on Flickr

But I'm still pounding out bugs. It first seemed like the secondary fuel circuit wasn't delivering fuel, now I'm not so sure, maybe the rebuilt fuel cutoff valve isn't providing enough fuel...then again, it may be the valve also seems like oil is leaking out of the tach cover...and there's a lot of blue smoke coming out the exhaust...I'm thinking I may end up using those rings I purchased when I tore everything down...and that O-ring that's supposed to be viton? I don't remember if it was or not. And I don't have a back brake...nor obviously a headlight...and the 12 volt rectifier doesn't appear to be charging.

But dammit, it runs...and successfully got me twice around the neighborhood. So there's that...which is nice.
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