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Now that the new valves and springs are on order time to go back to the shop and get to work cleaning up engine parts in the meantime. The whole left side of the engine was covered in oil from the leaking distributor seal. I'm sure there was some valve cover leaking going on but you really couldn't see anything but dirty oil before I cleaned it up.

It does look kinda dirty still but that's nothing a high pressure wash and some engine degreaser can't handle. The piston tops do look like they got a little hot but just enough to keep them clean from carbon buildup so it's not all that bad. And I SURELY had my friends drop in a brand new radiator. I don't even want to play around with a 100K radiator! No way toss that old POS. A new one is cheap and I'm not going to take any chances. I actually already replaced the hose that goes to the heater core on and off valve that you see towards the back there. I just drove to a friends house and saw water leaking underneath from that hose. All it took was a knife to cut off the leaking end that goes to the block and then I put it back on so I could drive home to fix it. They always leak at the ends on my past Honda and Acura cars.

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