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Default 2000 Prelude New Head Gasket

My used Honda Prelude had been neglected in the past by it's previous owner. I don't race it around but I do accelerate smoothly around just because the car is pretty quick. I always let it warm up before driving away and run synthetic oil. We got the car when it had about 110K on it and 4K later the headgasket let go. I knew something was wrong with the engine because the car didn't get very good fuel mileage at all. I just figured the fuel injectors might not be flowing so well. I used some Techron fuel treatment and always ran Chevron premium fuel in it. I haven't owned the car to be able to tell if it helped at all but the Prelude always started up really quick and ran super smooth.

I had the car towed to my friends shop for dissasembly. I would usually tear it down myself but I am strapped for time and they got the head off in one evening for me. I'm about to post what I found.

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