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And forget about the rock climbing ability of these tires. Even descending long rocky slopes I was super stressed out with the Sedona treads. The front end was so dodgy that I just gave up using the front brake so much. I would rather keep the tire rolling to hold a line instead of dragging the front brake and risk the front end wiping out without any warning. Luckily I know the trails well so I knew when I really needed to slow down and when I could just roll freely down the trail in 3 or 4th gear skipping over the loose rocks. I'm really looking forward to a new set of Dunlops that actually restore the ability to control the bike during harsh braking and under power. The Sedona tires were only controllable coasting or rolling around giving it half throttle. If you run these tires don't upset them too much and take it easy on them in general or they will bite you.

I have read online that owners of Sedona tires have had good luck airing them down more then usual? This means 10psi or maybe a little less under normal cruising conditions and you should be fine. But I can't ride that slow and I'm not going to risk my rim being bent, sorry. Run a reputable tire like the Dunlop Geomax and you can slam them all day long and they will be much safer both in terms of wiping out less and I have never had a flat while beating on the Geomax on a couple different bikes.

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