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Ok guys I'm going to spend some time around here activating new forum members and getting caught up with things as much as time allows. I just got over a broken ankle and you think I would have had the "down time" to spend on the forum but it made my schedule incredibly hard to keep up with seeing how I could only get around extremely slow. And then once I could walk again I had tons of work to attend to! I learned my lesson though... I'm going to stay closer to the ground while riding a dirt bike from now on. I didn't crash but landing from a supercross jump on a brand new dirt bike that hasn't had the suspension set up yet - isn't very smart. My feet didn't like bottoming out the bike by falling out of the sky and I could only crawl for 3 days after. I'm actually walking and working around like normal now. Don't take walking on two feet for granted! Take care of your knees and ankles guys.

I have people to activate around here so I'll be getting those signed up in the next day as I have time. I also have some pretty cool pictures to post up from a bike show the other weekend here in San Luis Obispo -
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