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Hi Smithers
How is this bike coming? Are those Scrambler pipes in the later picture? My CB160 project is the little brother to your bike. I am going with black and silver. I had to paint the tank eight times before it came out right. I am having a lot of fun. After searching fruitlessly since last summer for a nice set of muffs I managed to find both in the past two weeks. David Silver had two complete nos right side sets (muff and header pipe) that were inadvertently lost in their inventory and not listed on their website. I lucked upon them because I had bypassed their website and contacted them through email. They replied that they had them in stock and to buy a set through their site. I told them their site listed them as not available leading them to discover their error. I noticed the second set was gone in less than a day. Huge progress for me as I'm trying to go a's factory as possible. I'd like to see how your big brother to my cb160 is coming.

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