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Smithers 05-19-2007 07:48 PM

So I got my CA160 up and running recently and what a great running motorcycle! This is just making me want to up the ante a little bit and ride the Superhawk 250. There are a lot of things to address before I put it back into service. I need to double check the points and ignition. Of course I need to rebuild the little pick up actuator things in the starter since they have chipped and need replacing. I'll get some pictures of this action later on when I work on it.

Basically if I got a new battery for it and flushed the tank and carb this bike will start right up. I think I'm going to have to do a repaint on it in order to get a historically correct paint color on it. I also have learned exactly how to do perfect bodywork since I last fixed up this bike. I would like to roll the metal fenders perfectly flat and then repaint them. I should be able to get a couple new rubber pieces and really make this bike a perfectly restored example of a proper CA77 Superhawk. Oh and I got a lot of cool stuff to polish anything perfectly.

I can't wait to get this bike into service again and take it out. With my little CA160 I have to really plan out my rides since it takes so long cruising around at 35-50mph. It could go faster of course but I only wring it out to 60 when I need to get on the freeway for short skips across town. The Superhawk will do this sort of around town work much faster. We have a lot of hills around here in Paso Robles so it would be nice to have the extra torque. B)

Smithers 06-14-2007 11:28 PM

Ok the new battery should be here next week all ready to go. I have an extra starter so I should be able to use some of the parts from it if needed. I think the starter clutch dogs are worn away and that was were it came to rest back in high school when I was working on it last! I have the parts all separated in a container all nice and safe so I can resume working where I left off. I should snap a picture tomorrow and see if I have the replacement parts or if I need to source them.

I wanna get this 250 going! I would love some more power to scoot me around town a little quicker than the CA 160.

I'm so jealous of this Ricky Racer.

Smithers 11-25-2008 09:22 AM

So it's been over a YEAR since I bought a battery with intentions of firing up the CB72. In October 07 I also rebuilt the starter clutch with a new starter clutch ring that I found on Ebay thank goodness! Then in February/March I went in and checked the points and ignition circuit. Then in October I serviced the starter with some new bearings and resurfacing of the communicator and brushes. I also put some new gaskets in the carbs at the same time and attempted to start it up. Well it just WAS NOT getting enough fuel to do anything more than puff a couple times. So last weekend I dissasembled the fuel tank petcock and went to work.

  1. October 2007 Found some float bowl gaskets and fuel hose.
  2. October 2007 Put some new tubes in the tires for rolling around.
  3. October 2007 Serviced the starter solenoid and connections.
  4. November 2007 Rebuilt the starter and replaced worn bearings.
  5. November 2007 Adopted a 2000.5 Aprilia Mille RSV, got distracted.
  6. In The Meantime Battery Tender kept the battery alive and fresh.
  7. November 2008 Disassembled fuel petcock for much needed cleaning.
  8. November 2008 Double checking the electrical for durability.
Now the rain has just come in for a few days so when the sun comes back out it will be time to fire it up! I'm TOTALLY sure that this bike will start up without a problem now that it will be getting a full shot of fuel. I remember riding this thing around in high school just fine so it's going to be exciting so see it start up.

Smithers 11-25-2008 09:38 AM

Ahh just about ready to fire up and ride:

I should be ordering some new tires for it for safey sake. I found that HRC makes modern compound tires in a somewhat retro tread pattern.

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