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frappy 05-22-2017 03:35 PM

CS92 - swap meet find
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Honda CS92 Benly Sport.

I picked up this one at a local swap meet last weekend. It is titled as a 1963, has original tires, and only 1,741 original miles. However it is another restoration project - as early on in its life was partially disassembled and stored in a barn after something evidently went terribly wrong with the 4-spd transmission.

References indicate the CS92 was produced for ~2 years and not imported into the United States. Seems that Honda offered it only in Red w/Black seat and Blue w/Red seat. Early examples had the flat sheetmetal-style bars.

According to the frame/engine number list below, it looks like only just over 1200 were produced in-total over the ~2 year run. However, the list leaves out my engine/frame number sequence.

My engine number is C92E-4003306 (frame number C92-4003294), but the list doesn't go up that high. So, it appears that Honda possibly began combining CS92 production numbers with C92 production beginning in 1963 (or 1964 if engine number is any indication).

Anyone know anything more about the CS92 model?
1. When was the CS92 first produced?
2. Is mine a 1963 or 1964 model?
3. How many of this "late" style were produced
4. It appears to be rare, but how valuable is it?
5. I am also wondering if mine would have a return shift or rotary shift?
6. Anything else...?

Thanks for sharing any knowledge that you might have on this subject.

Regards - Dane

rhodemon 05-29-2017 04:35 AM

Nice find!

Just when I thought my favorite forum had gone dead Frappy comes to the rescue!

I've seen a couple of this model over the years but never had the chance to acquire one. The serial numbers certainly show it as a 1964 model, I had always thought these were only made in the early years of the Benly 150 production.

grubsie 06-01-2017 03:34 PM

It's alive! The site is alive again! Thanks Frappy!

Awesome find. Love the up-swept pipes. You mentioned the tranny problems. Not knowing anything about this model, I'm wondering about sourcing parts? Any chance CA95 engine parts are interchangeable?

Last year I picked up a 1968 SS125A and some parts are easy to find, others, not so much.

frappy 07-02-2017 11:13 PM

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I miss you guys and this being an active forum too. I wish that I was currently more vigilant in the restoration of my Benly herd; and better about posting when I do make progress.

Oh, man. I have so many projects and darn if I went to another swap meet last weekend. I purchased a low-mile (~5k) black '66 CB160 that had been sitting for at least 10 years and has plenty of patina, but was cheap, 100% original & complete! Plus, there was a nice guy that practically wants to give me a '62 CA95 roller. The cool thing about this one is that it has the up-swept aftermarket (left side) scrambler-style straight pipes. My DSW is so tolerant:D. While at the swap I also ran into a cache of Benly parts - a couple carb covers, carbs, chain guards, petcocks, starters and mufflers, etc. These will certainly help with the restoration of my bikes.

Anyway, back to the CS92. I just kinda had to purchase this one because it is so rare. Again, rare does not equate to valuable, but if you're into old Honda's, particularly Benly's, this was a find.

Hey rohdemon; Bonhams auctioned off one these CS92's a couple years ago and although their facts were muddled - listing the bike as a 1960 and that they were only produced for two years - the bike they listed was actually a 1965 (Frame no. CS92-5000121, Engine no. C92E-5000125). So, we now know the CS92 was produced from at least 1962 to 1965. When I do transfer the title of this CS92 into my name, I will register it as a 1964.

Yeah grubsie; A ways off from getting this CS92 on the lift, but I will continue to gather up parts and info. Am hoping that once I disassemble the CS92's 125cc motor and trans, I might be able to use CA95 innards.
I am posting a new pic featuring the CS92's split side cover and muffler mount:cool: - cool features that, along with the twin up-swept pipes, make the decidedly enigmatic Benly Sport differ from the relatively commonplace Benly Touring.

grubsie 07-03-2017 05:26 PM

That sure is a cool bike. Like you said, maybe not valuable, but cool nonetheless.

Just like you, I have too many projects going and no documentation of the progress. I am horrible at taking pictures. I have to start concentrating on completing one project at a time vs picking at all of them.

I currently have a 1966 CA160 that I have been picking at for the past few years, the engine is all buttoned up ready to go, the frame and body parts are all painted, in the process of re-lacing the wheels and still have to polish various pieces (I hate polishing more than anything). I only need 2 pieces that I have not been able to locate. The rear adapter piece on the carb that the air filter attaches to and the neutral light that goes in the top of the head light.

I am also working on a 1968 Honda SS 125A, the motor was stuck, cause was a rusted stuck shift fork drum. Took forever to get all the surface rust off all the engine internals. Repainted everything. Just got thye cylinders to the machine shop for it's second rebore. The first shop butchered the bore. It was a second over to clean up the rust pits in the cylinders. Got it back and the pistons were flopping. The end gap on the rings was 24 thousenths. Way bad. 3rd over pistons fit loosely so I had to get 4th over. Piss me off.

I also have a 1966 Honda CA100 50cc I am working on. Plus a few other non Honda bikes.

Wish I could find more CA's, when they show up around here, people want a gazillion $ for them.

Looking forward to seeing some of your projects come to fruition here. Hopefully I can post some of my work also.

grubsie 07-18-2017 04:38 PM

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Here's some pics of the SS125A that I just finished up. The 1st one is when I bought it. The 2nd 2 are restored. The 4th over cylinder bore finally cleaned up the mess from the previous machine shop. The new machine shop did a great job. Bike started on second kick and purrs like a kitten.

Now I can get on to the 1966 CA160

frappy 07-19-2017 10:29 PM

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Ha. Yeah, I pick at my projects too.

I finished a black/white 1962 CA100 just over a year ago. (See attached pic.) That was a fun and meaningful project, as one like it was the first bike I ever rode on. And boy are they selling for a lot of $. Saw a decent looking red/white CA102 sell this year in Feb at Mecum in Vegas for over $5k - say what!?!

Your SS125 came out really nice. So nice to have it done and running like a kitten. It looks like you were able to keep the original seat and did not have to recover it? Blue paint looks to be spot-on and the silver on tank and fenders looks like a good match too. There are some good engine silvers' out there, but Honda sheetmetal silver is hard to match - the metallic is so fine!

I heard the SS125's were kinda dogs. Is that true? I am wondering if they perform similarly to a Benly 125? I have only ridden a 150 Benly, but fast it isn't! So I wouldn't be surprised if your little 125 performs likewise.

Sounds like you're getting close on the CA160. I actually like polishing parts. Too bad we didn't live closer, eh? I have the two elusive parts you've been looking for and will send them to you soon.

grubsie 07-20-2017 09:25 AM

Hey Frappy,

That's a "Snappy" (sorry, couldn't resist) looking CA100. Really nice job! I have 1966 CA100 that's on the back burner for now. It's red one so it's probably a little faster than your black one. Smirk!

Yeah, SS125's are kind of dogs. The gearing is all wrong. 1st gear gets you to maybe 10mph and at 40mph in 4th gear, the engine is revving it's brains out. But it's fun to ride anyway. It handles very nice for a small bike. I just located a 16 tooth front sprocket and will try it out over the stock 15 tooth sprocket. I guess a lot of people with these bikes change it. We'll see how it works.

Thanks again on the parts.

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