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Smithers 01-03-2010 12:35 AM

Adaptronic Software Setup

You will want to confirm the firmware on your e420c ECU is version 2 or v2.000. This is crucial as they don't release new software and new firmware for no good reason. Just select the "Help" menu and "About" to check both your software and firmware.

Smithers 01-03-2010 12:48 AM

This just might be what your screen may look like when you start up your WARI Adaptronic Software for the first time. Already it looks confusing to you of course! There are already a couple things wrong here in this picture. Well there's nothing WRONG but just some things that need attention as your e420c is far from being operational.

Did you read your installation manual all the way through?
If you did then you should know from your newly acquired knowledge that looking at this screen there are some issues to resolve.

So what's wrong with the above screenshot? #1 I am missing some values that should be registereing in the "Live Gauges" window. You should be able to see some temperatures and some additional numbers. I am not seeing this data simply because only the power plug is connected to the e420c! I hadn't plugged in any other plugs yet at this point.

The next thing missing are values being displayed on the left column of trigger, ignition and injector info. This is one thing that took me a little while to figure out. When you power on the ECU there is NO data in the computer at all - no surprise here. But I then loaded a standard configuration map for the 1UZ engine. This uploads some fuel and ignition settings but that is about all... the rest is up to the user. You know what that means... get out the installation manual and read some more! It's doesn't really do a good job at explaining just what you NEED to do in order to get your engine running. I couldn't figure out exactly which setting needed attention in order to get my engine to run. I loaded some 1UZ data and then set the TPS sensor. I then tried to turn over the engine and of course nothing happened. I know I might be in a hurry but come on! Something needs to happen. Well it did.... I had a fuel leak in the pulsation dampener no the fuel rail that I had to take care of. Yeah, I don't need fuel leaking out creating a fire hazard thank you very much. :P

Smithers 01-03-2010 01:02 AM

So what to do now? I just went through all of the tabs looking for the one that controlled the settings for the ignition. The "Triggers" tab is what I wanted. Well it's pretty simple once you start paying attention to what options are available here. You can't change them on the left so move over to the right side and go ahead and click on "Choose Engine for Triggering Settings". This is where you select the manufacture of your engine and also the engine type.

This will then load all sorts of values in this screen and you will feel like you have accomplished a great feat. We're almost ready for liftoff.

Now to move on to setting the TPS sensor for minimum and maximum throttle positions. This is explained in the installation guide and it's absolutely necessary as it tells your computer which number values the TPS gives for both the closed throttle postion and the wide open throttle position.

Smithers 01-03-2010 01:07 AM

Ok here was are checking out all sorts of sensor values. The easiest one to take care of right now is the TPS calibration. As long as you have the wires connected correctly this vital step will only take a few seconds. You basically hit the button "learn" at the 0% throttle line and it will set the value at which the TPS gives for the throttle being at closed (0% throttle). Then you manually grab the throttle butterfly with your hand and open it all the way and set the 100% TPS value but hitting the lower "learn" button. That's it!

Smithers 01-03-2010 01:22 AM

Now from the above post you can see in the picture that I don't have a wideband o2 selected yet. It says narrowband but there actually isn't any o2 sensor in my system at all yet. I have been putting this off as I hadn't found a trustworthy seller of wideband products that sells at the best prices. Usually when you find a super good price on a product it's from some small, no-name seller that is offering the sale of the item but no support or any kind of knowledge of what he's selling.

Well I finally found a great business that offers both support, knowledge and best price... basically the Newegg of engine tuning products. Now I don't have an Evo, a Turbo RX-7 or Nissan Skyline (yet) but I need some Innovative wideband hardware for my Lexus 1UZand I need it fast! The following is an account of my experience so far with the guys over at They are some hard working people and made a point to ship out my Innovate LC-1 the moment I placed my order so that it would be here at the beginning of the week. I called them the day of New Years Eve and when I told them I was glad they picked up the phone Adam on the other end said he would be working till 6pm his time to make sure that last minute orders would be out before the holiday. Can't ask for more than that.

The night before I spent an hour looking for a trustworthy dealer of wideband tools that actually KNOWS what they sell and practices what they preach. I asked some of my import buddies where they bought their tuning electronics and they couldn't think of a place that they would call back to spend more of their hard earned money. Well I did some research online for a while longer and found that these guys at MAPerformance build and run their own import drag cars and they have a lot of experience tuning Porsche and Corvette high performance cars as well. I saw that they were on top of their game when it comes to their website, facebook, twitter feed and all that stuff so they are putting out a top effort to spread the word that they are serious about tuning and supplying other tuners as well. The ONLY problem I could see was that they were located in the midwest so I was hesitant at first but when I saw their commitment to shipping widebands overnight for a small price or in just a few days for free I was sold.

Modern Auto Performance is a major distributor of all brands of engine tuning electronic tuning devices, controllers, gauges, standalone and piggyback ECU's and everything else that you wish you could have just to play with. Their sister company is and this is how I got in contact with them. The prices and shipping policies seemed too good to be true so I checked out their contact info. Anyone that provides instant response by means of instant messenger is in business to win customer satisfaction and they provide instant messaging right there on their WideBandsOvernight contact page. I was impressed with this as well and within minutes they had quoted me a "too low to advertise price" with FREE 3 day shipping on top of that. They gave me all the info I needed as well as some advice on my setup and I gave them my credit card in response. The Innovative LC-1 will be on the way and I will be getting in touch with them in the near future to buy a Innovate LM-2 Dual Wideband logger as well.

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