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Smithers 02-09-2013 02:08 PM

KTM Service Tech and Info
So I've jumped into the KTM pool with my 400 EXC and a few of my friends have KTM's as well. So naturally they have come to me and asked about servicing their bikes. I'll be replacing seals, checking valves and all that stuff so I'll post when I do. I also have to rejet my 400 as it runs SUPER lean from the factory. I won't even ride it until I richen the mixture up. It barely runs warm and won't stay running when it's cold unless you totally hold the choke open for a long time. Plus the pipes turned blue on my instantly when I rode it around the block a couple times. Can you say "about to overheat!?".

Just to get the ball rolling on my service forum thread here I'll post a quick web link to Kevin posted a few valuable manuals that relate to all RFS bikes. Big thanks to Kev for the info. It's not so easy to come across online.

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